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The Virtual InSites team creates the highest quality Web sites, no matter our role in its creation. The strengths and talents of our team are artfully integrated to provide a strong project team, ensuring your project is on budget and on schedule.

Jeanne Hallock
Jeanne created her first client Web site for a small computer wholesaler back in the days of Netscape 3 and IE 2. Prior to her Web career, she worked for several small businesses and understands the benefits and limitations of the small business owner. She contracted at Microsoft for two years, first at FrontPage 98 and then in Enterprise Customer Unit creating demonstrations for Microsoft sales. But the challenge of the Dot-Com world called and she moved on to help create sites for Ernst & Young, GiftSpot.com, and GiftCertificates.com.

Jeanne's graphic and creative abilities come naturally. Her pastimes have always included artwork in some way. Currently her biggest interest is photography, although languages have always been an important interest as well.

Linna Ritch
Linna's move to Web design and development is somewhat recent, although her skills are solid. She completed Bellevue Community College's Multimedia and Web Authoring Program and has a background in the Web's latest streaming technology, from Flash programming to web video as well as other graphics programs like Adobe PhotoShop, ImageReady and Illustrator.

Previous to her Web work for GiftCertificates.com, Linna worked for many high-tech companies and brings a broad base of knowledge on general business processes. She has held positions in Manufacturing Operations, Materials Management, Purchasing, Customer Service, Contract Management, Order Fulfillment, and Shipping and Export.

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